Discord Chat Server

Hey ladies <3!

We have a Discord server for us (PMDD people only) to just talk, give/ receive support, complain, vent, –anything!

Judgment and embarrassment free, it is completely anonymous. (There are a bunch of us on it already, we’d love more! But don’t feel pressured to join if you don’t want to)

Some info about Discord – It is a chat server app/site that takes a minute to sign up for, all you need is an email and a username you make up.

You can be on all the time. You can have it for your computer, iPad/tablet, and your phone. You do not have to log out. You can change your “status” by clicking your name – idle, invisible, do not disturb, and online. After you’re not at the app or the window for a while it will put you in idle mode and will change when you come back, unless you changed your status manually then you will have to change it back manually.

If you’re on your phone and you’re using the app you can click the 3 dots next to the server and click notifications, there you can mute the server if you wish not to be notified about people talking in the chat unless you’re specifically mentioned. On the site or computer there is a little bell icon that should take you to the same menu.

I suggest making your name what it is on Reddit (if you use Reddit) or just whatever you want, just keep the anonymous theme 🙂

So far there are four text channels

– “Welcome_wagon” where you will post your answers to our welcome wagon “intro to you” questionnaire (more about this soon)

– “general” one for anything and everything
– “lady_questions” for asking a question where you’d like everyone’s input, experiences, help etc (this way your question won’t get lost in the general chat log and everyone can get the opportunity to respond when they get the chance)
– “Studies_ Articles _ and_More” channel for sharing all good and helpful info on PMDD

The welcome wagon is mandatory- We are requiring a minimum of 3 questions but where beyond thrilled to have more answered so we can get to know you! I’m sorry if this seems invasive but it will help us heal each other better and keep out lurkers and trolls from the server. If you don’t answer any questions within a day of joining we’ll have to boot you. If you get the courage you can try again!

Remember: It doesn’t matter if no one is on or people are talking, just chime in, if people are there they’ll get to you. If they aren’t there at the moment, we will see it when we are there because it keeps a log and tells you what you’ve missed.
So if you come in and you want to join in even if it’s not going on right then, do so!! We’re all busy but with this we can be there for each other whenever. Doesn’t matter how silly you think it is, or maybe you just want to chit chat and don’t feel like you want to leave your couch or bed.

If you just have something to say and don’t want to stick around that’s fine too. No need for awkward hellos or goodbyes. No need for apologies. If you’re done chatting for the moment and will get back that’s fine, just go do you! no need to say it or feel bad or stick around when you don’t want to.

This is a place for complete acceptance, we’re in this together!

Here is the link for the Discord app website where you can create an account or download the app.

Here is the invite for the server. If you’re having issues Contact us and or if you get the app up but can’t get the server you can friend me and I can invite you. Here’s my name on there: HensandChicks#4923 (Although we’re not Rulesy only ask that you – be respectful of others – try not to be obnoxious and alienate others – No lashing out at anyone. This is a safe and comfort zone for US. The service may be Discord but this is NOT a video game, so please try to behave as if we’re all comfy together in our Red Tent. Thanks!)

P.S. If you’re wondering about Reddit and r/PMDD (a sub Reddit about PMDD) there will be another page for that!

*Any rules or Opinions are of our own and not of the r/PMDD subreddit.